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  • Growmind Solutions TERADATA Course Module Title Contents Module 1: TERADATA Architecture Parsing Engine(PE) Request and Response Parcel Access Module Processors (AMPs) Bynet Data access Handling TD Config Utilities Config and Reconfig Module 2: TERADATA Database Space Permanent Space Spool Space Temp Space Indexes Module 3: DBC Dictionary Tables Data dictionary Parsing Engine System Views Database Views DBC Users View Indices View All Temp Tables View Using DBC AMP Usage Using DBC Table Size Logon and Logoff Tracking. Module 4: Access Rights, Roles, Profiles Access rights (Auto,implicit,Explicit Rights) Roles and Profiles Creating Roles and Profiles DBC.RoleInfo and DBC.ProfileInfo Module 5: Query analysis and Tools Database Query Log (DBQL) DBQL Tables and Views Access Logging Module 6: System Access Control Levels TD Password Encryption Password Security Features Host Logon Processing GRANT/REVOKE LOGON Session Related Views DBC.sessionInfo Info View Data Access Info Views Access LogRules Views Access Log Views Module 7: TD Manager TD Manager Apps TD Dashboard Priority Scheduler Admin TD Manager Service Starting TD Manager Module 8: Monitoring tools Performance Monitor PMON Main window PMON sessions Screen TD Administrator TD manager Dynamic Utilization Charting Locking Logger Module 9: TD Remote Console Utilities Starting DB Window QRYCONFIG QRYSESSN RCVMANAGER SHOWLOCKS VPROCMANAGER SHOWSPACE SHOWBLOCKS PACKDISK SCANDISK Module 10: Archiving Data Archive and Recovery Statements Recovery vs. FastLoad Invoking Archive Restart Log ANALYZE Statement Archive Database DBC Archive Indexes option Database DBC Archive Archive and Recovery (ARC) Examples Module 11: Restoring data Restore COPY Copying Tables For more details contact us Information Helpdesk +918884851579 / +918026542131 / Authorized training and certification center from 'EC-Council', USA Autorirized training and certification center from 'Peoplecert' USA
  • Best ORACLE DBA training institute Growmind Solutions in bangalore, provides real-time and placement oriented ORACLE DBA training in Bangalore. Growmind Solutions provides Best ORACLE DBA training courses in bangalore .Growmind Solutions ORACLE DBA training course content designed basic to advanced levels. we have a team of ORACLE DBA experts who are working professionals with hands on real time ORACLE DBA projects knowledge, which will give students an edge over other Training Institutes. ORACLE DBA training course content is designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in bangalore as soon as you complete the ORACLE DBA training course. Best ORACLE DBA training institute in Bangalore focus on the needs of the ORACLE DBA community. Growmind Solutions listed one of the top ORACLE DBA training institutes in Bangalore. We offer ORACLE DBA education for working professionals. ORACLE DBA training in Bangalore understands the need of ORACLE DBA community. we offer all ORACLE DBA training courses as students option. Ecare technologies provides free ORACLE DBA training materials of soft copy and hard copy. Discover best ORACLE DBA training in Bangalore at Growmind Solutions Our ORACLE DBA training courses helps to students to get placement immediately after course completion. Our practical ,real time ORACLE DBA project scenarios training helps to work on ORACLE DBA projects. Our ORACLE DBA training program helps every student to achieve their goal in ORACLE DBA career. Growmind Solutions ORACLE DBA training centers are having Best lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. we have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our Trained ORACLE DBA students, ORACLE DBA training training course fee is very economical compared to other Training Institutes In Bangalore ORACLE DBA Training In Bangalore ,Growmind Solutions provide regular training classes,Morning Batches,Evening Batches, weekend training classes, and fast track training classes for ORACLE DBA . Growmind Solutions care provides online and Corporate training classes for ORACLE DBA . Training course content and Syllabus in Growmind Solutions: INTRODUCTION TO ORACLE DBA DATABASE CREATION TABLESPACE MANAGEMENT STORAGE PARAMETERS USER MANAGEMENT UNDO MANAGEMENT What is spfile? NETWORKING IN ORACLE REDO-LOG & CONTROLFILE MANAGEMEN LOGICAL BACKUP PHYSICAL BACKUP PEFORMANCE TUNING For more details contact us Information Helpdesk +918884851579 / +918026542131 / Authorized training and certification center from 'EC-Council', USA Autorirized training and certification center from 'Peoplecert' USA
  • Growmind Solution ECSA Course In Bangalore Security Analyst EC Council Certified Security Analyst, ECSA an advanced ethical hacking training certification that complements the Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH certification by exploring the analytical phase of ethical hacking. While the Certified Ethical Hacker certification exposes the learner to hacking tools and technologies, the Certified Security Analyst course takes it a step further by exploring how to analyze the outcome from these tools and technologies. Through groundbreaking network penetration testing training methods and techniques, this pen testing computer security certification helps students perform the intensive assessments required to effectively identify and mitigate risks to the information security of the infrastructure. This makes the Certified Security Analyst "Pen Testing" certification a relevant milestone toward achieving EC Council’s Licensed penetration Tester, which also ingrains the learner in the business aspect of network penetration testing. The Licensed Penetration Tester certification standardizes the knowledge base for network penetration testing professionals by incorporating the best practices followed by experienced experts in the field. The objective of Certified Security Analyst “pen testing” certification is to add value to experienced Information security professionals by providing data security training that will help them analyze the outcomes of their Vulnerability Assessments. Network Penetration Testing Training leads the learner into the advanced stages of ethical hacking. CEH V8 ECSA Course Outline 1The Need for Security Analysis 2Advanced Googling 3TCP/IP Packet Analysis 4Advanced Sniffing Techniques 5Vulnerability Analysis with Nessus 6advanced Wireless Testing 7 Designing a DMZ 8 Snort Analysis 9 Log Analysis 10Advanced Exploits and Tools 11Pen Testing Methodologies 12 Customers and Legal Agreements 13 Rules of Engagement 14 Penetration Testing Planning and Scheduling 15Pre Penetration Testing Checklist 16Information Gathering 17Vulnerability Analysis 18External Penetration Testing 19Internal Network Penetration Testing 20Routers and Switches Penetration Testing 21Firewall Penetration Testing 22IDS Penetration Testing 23Wireless Network Penetration Testing 24Denial of Service Penetration Testing 25Password Cracking Penetration Testing 26Social Engineering Penetration Testing 27Stolen Laptop, PDAs and Cell phones Penetration Testing 28Application Penetration Testing 29Physical Security Penetration Testing 30Database Penetration testing 31 VoIP Penetration Testing 32 VPN Penetration Testing 33 War Dialing 34 Virus and Trojan Detection 35 Log Management Penetration Testing 36File Integrity Checking 37Blue Tooth and Hand held Device Penetration Testing 38 Telecommunication and Broadband Communication Penetration Testing 39 Email Security Penetration Testing 40 Security Patches Penetration Testing 41 Data Leakage Penetration Testing 42 Penetration Testing Deliverables and Conclusion 43 Penetration Testing Report and Documentation Writing 44 Penetration Testing Report Analysis 45 Post Testing Actions 46Ethics of a Licensed Penetration Tester 47Standards and Compliance For more details contact us Information Helpdesk +918884851579 / +918026542131 / Authorized training and certification center from 'EC-Council', USA Autorirized training and certification center from 'Peoplecert' USA
  • Growmind Solutions CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) Course Highlights Security breaches can come from anywhere. Competitors,spies,rogue employees,bored teens and even hackers are invading computers everywhere to make trouble,steal information and even sabotage careers.And with the growth of the internet and World Wide web,such actions become even easier. Server crashes,email loss,data loss,virus invasions,and other problems often go unexplained and network downtime eats up precious resources of time and money. How can these breaches be prevented? By knowing what to look for.The best way to beat a cyber criminal is to think like them to know what types of attacks they make,and how you can guard against them. The definition of an Ethical Hacker is very similar to a Penetration Tester. The Ethical Hacker is an individual who is usually employed with the organization and who can be trusted to undertake an attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems using the same methods as a Hacker. Hacking is a felony in the United States and most other countries. When it is done by request and under a contract between an Ethical Hacker and an organization, it is legal. The most important point is that an Ethical Hacker has authorization to probe the target. Learning Objectives: The course showcases the tools required to be an Ethical Hacker. The Instructor will lead the class through proof of concept and finish on how to use the tools successfully in an attack. When a student leaves this intensive 5 day class they will have hands on understanding and experience in Ethical Hacking. MODULES: Introduction to Ethical Hacking Foot Printing & Reconnaissance Scanning Networks Enumeration System Hacking Trojans & Backdoors Viruses & Worms Sniffers Social Engineering Denial of Service Session Hijacking Hijacking Web servers Hacking Web Applications SQL Injection Hacking Wireless Networks Evading IDS, Firewalls & Honey pots Buffer Overflow Cryptography Penetration Testing Course Fee with certification:32500 without certification:18000 For more details contact us Information Helpdesk +918884851579 / +918026542131 / +919739762026 E-mail: Authorized training and certification centre from 'EC-Council', USA Authorized training and certification centre from 'Peoplecert' USA